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Free Terrains is a set of web pages setup to serve the greater OpenSim and Second Life communities. Supplying copyright free terrain files, which are distributed under the public domain license as detailed in Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) and Creative Commons NonCommercial CC 4.0 International License.


While you are free to download, use and distribute these files you may not sell them or profit from them in any way.


The files in this archive are this text file, a terrain preview PNG (.png) file, a full terrain LLRAW (.raw) file, a full terrain RAW32 (.r32) file, and, if the terrain is bigger than 256x256, a number of terrain pane LLRAW (.raw) files making up the full terrain.


Many of these terrains and archive are originally designed and created by Magnuz Binder, and released to the public domain, Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) and by Danny Cruise, released into the public domain, Creatives Commons CC 4.0 NonCommercial International License.


The preview PNG (.png) file show a scaled image of the terrain, where blue is water and green is land, brighter the more elevated it is. If the terrain is larger than 256x256, the preview is covered by a red grid showing division into 256x256 panes, with suffices "aa", "ab", ba", ...,matching those in the pane files supplied.


Terrains larger than 256x256 may require the RAW32 (.r32) file, instead of the "usual" LLRAW (.raw) file, owing to a bug in at least some versions of OpenSimulator. If the panes as LLRAW (.raw) files are used, they should be placed in adjacent 256x256 regions according to the pattern in the accompanying preview PNG (.png) file, where files with the suffices "...aa.raw", "...ab.raw", "...ac.raw", ..., are to be placed leftmost column from bottom to top: "...aa.raw", "...ab.raw", ..., second leftmost column from bottom to top: "...ba.raw", "...bb.raw", ..., and so on.


LLRAW (.raw) files can either be loaded through the sim console command, e.g. "terrain load example.raw" if the file "example.raw" is present in the OpenSim bin directory, or be uploaded via the OpenSimulator viewer's region/estate terrain controls. RAW32 (.r32) files can only be loaded through the sim console command.


While these pages are all about building the legacy of Magnus Bender who's content is very much missed both in Second Life and OpenSim, over time we will be adding other high quality region maps (terrain files) to this collection. I have tried very hard to gather as many of Magnus's archives to this website as I could, but his work was extensive and I am missing many of them. If you have any files that are not represented here please send them to terrains@dynamicworldz.com so that we can add them to the collection. For those that want to be accredited for your submission please state this in the email. Please also keep in mind that all Magnus's terrains were free to copy and free to distribute. Thanks Danny Cruise grid owner Dynamic Worldz

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